Copyright - Wording Confusion

I just noticed this line on a document I posted = This document is © 2017 by Joanne Nakao - all rights reserved.
On the document pulldown menu(??) I clicked "Copyright..."  because the blog itself is copyrighted by the person who wrote it.
How can I change/correct it?  & from now on, what is the proper sentence to click?
Joanne Nakao on May 25 at 05:17 PM in What can you tell me?
Suggest you unclick the "Copyright" you checked. The strokefocus systems is assuming YOU want to copyright protect it.

Technically you cannot re-post the document with the permission of the original copyright owner, by law. That's often easy to get. Simply email the owner and request the right to repost it in Strokefocus.

To repost the document with the original person's copyright, add a line at the bottom with the copyright notice that the original owner has.
on August 27 at 01:20 PM
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 What you might do is to choose "Unspecified" and the add a note attributing that blog to someone who wrote it.
Admin on May 25 at 05:45 PM