Need help with Genu recurvatum (hyper extended knee)

I am a 3 year stroke survivor and still suffer with walking.  I have back knee, a mild form of hyper-extended knee.  My stroke affected left knee goes back too far when walking.  I have been to numerous doctors and have tried everything they told me to do, and nothing is helping.  I have done numerous exercises and it seems to be getting worse.  Walking is exhausting and now the soft tissue behind my knee is getting sore and painful.  Compression braces and exercises do not help.  Any advice from anyone?  I need help!
Fran Taylor on November 25 at 05:36 AM in Who do you recommend...
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Fran, not sure if this will help...I'm guessing this is the brace that's $6000 and your insurance won't cover!
Here in Colorado, we have a non profit called Friends of Man ( that pays for braces, hearing aids, etc.  People don't know about it unless someone tells them.  If there's a local non profit clinic or hospital that regularly works with uninsured and underinsured patients, they may know of something similar in your area.
Robin Dickinson on November 29 at 07:12 AM
Yes, Fran I can make a referral to one of my colleagues either one who has a private practice on Sepulveda Blvd near LAX or to the PT Associates on the Health Sciences Campus of USC--whichever is closest to you.
Carolee J. Winstein on November 27 at 04:20 PM
Thank you, but I live about 20 miles from Charlotte, NC; California is not an option.
on November 28 at 05:21 AM