Exercise program for rebuilding leg and arm muscles?

 I'm looking for suggestions on an exercise routine (machines used etc.) anyone has used to strengthen the muscles on the affected side.  I have three month access to a fitness center. I am not referring to home exercises, have pages of those already.  Have hyper-extended knee and subluxated shoulder.
Dawn Michael on April 19 at 05:39 AM in What can you tell me?
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 Thank you for the responses and links. 
Dawn Michael on May 24 at 05:59 AM
Try this-
Dr Kristin McNealus launched Everybody Fitness Online with a program designed for survivors, especially those not in major cities. It does not require a contract. By paying an affordable fee, members can access through the Internet exercises carefully designed to meet their needs. Everybody Fitness Online provides individualized coaching and exercise design to address specific needs of its members.
Check out her podcast under the Public Resources tab
Kelly Campbell on May 23 at 12:59 PM
I am not an OT or PT, and therefore cannot give you specific advice other than to hire a personal trainer/coach at the gym where you have the access. This is the safest and most productive method to learning to use the gym facilities.

I recently did just that. I hired a personal trainer for the minimum amount the gym would allow, which was 5 sessions. In those 5 sessions, I had the trainer give me a series of exercise routines tailored to my goals. She taught me HOW to use the machines without hurting myself. It was well worth the money to hire professional help.

Swimming is always a great way to exercise, too. If the gym has a pool, see if they have the exercise classes that are in the water. This might be very useful for your weak side.

Good luck with your exercise program. The most important part it to GET TO THE GYM and exercise!
Nancy Weckwerth on April 19 at 10:30 AM Edited