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Video Games - How might they help


My friend Rita told me, she used the play to help her recovery. 
I am a big fan of this approach, not just because I happen to be a big fan of video games. 
If you have time, and like the War-Strategy theme, maybe give the iBomber Series made by Cobra Mobile a try.
Cobra has made many interesting games. Their attention to graphic detail is amazing.
Most games make 2 mistakes: too easy or too difficult.
Cobra games is right in the middle. It takes repeated efforts to get through. But it is not so difficult as to discourage you from making another try.
Out of everything I have played, 2 really stand out:
1) iBomber Defense Pacific, a nicely packed strategy game.
You have to keep things under budget. You have to deploy turrets strategically. You have to have a lot of patience to fail, fail and fail into final success.
Here is an interesting walk through.
These strategy games are my favorites as they immediately take me out of daily stress and they are wonderful to keep my brain active.
2) iBomber 3
Cobra makes this wonderful game for people who are more into action. I like this a lot. It is a wonderful game to practice my hand eye coordination. World War II is never an outdated theme for a guy.
Tell us your recommendation. Post nice game you played and liked.
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