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Some of you asked me to share my experience with Dr Amy Sun. It is an honor.
Keep in mind that each person recovers in his / her own path. What applied to me may not apply to you.
I was introduced to Dr Amy Sun by Neil Yu, my friend whose recovery owed a tremendous deal to Dr Sun's treatment.
Neil talking about his remarkable recovery - You can also find the video in Wohaula video library.
Dr Amy (Aiping) Sun
Dr Sun's Everglory Acupuncture Clinic in Rosemead
My first visit to Dr Sun's clinic was in Nov 2012, 7 weeks after the stroke. My wife Hong pushed me in on a wheelchair. We did not know what to expect. In the hospital, doctors warned my wife that I might never stand up or talk normal again. On my first visit, Dr Sun's said, let's give it a try.
The first thing Dr Sun tried to control was my phlegm. After stroke, I had difficulty controlling my saliva, which turned into constant overflow of Phlegm. I was either coughing or drooling.
I remember the first night home, my mom pulled a plastic sheet under my bed, and left me a brand new box of Kleenex. The next morning, she found the plastic sheet was littered with crumpled Kleenex. The box was empty- I used up all 500 sheets in one night.
A few sessions later, we were surprised to find that my phlegm is largely gone. I hardly need any Kleenex during night ever since. That was the first sign of hope.
My left leg and arm were very ataxic at the beginning. In about 6 weeks. the ataxia began to fade significantly. I could walk by myself, albeit slowly. When I was discharged home, the hospital set up a permanent rental on wheelchair for me. We returned the wheelchair in 3 months.
Dr Sun made me go 3-4 times a week. "The initial few months are critical" she insisted. I am very glad I followed her advice.
To any stroke survivor, depression is a major problem. We fell off the cliff by surprise. It is really scary. The memory of the past will make us mourn.
When I showed up in Dr Sun's clinic, looking depressed, she would chat with me to relax my mind.
18 months into the treatment, despite amazing progress, I still had quite a bit of residual. I got worried. "Have faith in yourself." she said "Your recovery will continue. Things will be fine." Today, I can not tell you how thankful I am to her words. The progress we achieve since that point has been no less remarkable. 
Like said, each person's case is different. But if you wanted to give her a try, call Dr Sun at 626-280-9268. Her clinic address is 9143 Valley, Rosemead, CA 91770. She is semi-retired spending a lot more time with her very cute grandson.
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